DanCoyote Antonelli

DanCoyote Antonelli

DanCoyote Antonelli

DanCoyote Antonelli (US) is DC Spensley's avatar.

DanCoyote Antonelli is the avatar of San Francisco-based artist DC Spensley's in the virtual reality simulation Second Life. While most people jealously guard their pseudonymity inside this alternate reality, Spensley professes to be the same artist in both worlds and has exhibited at the ZeroOne/ISEA conference in San Jose California, the Bumbershoots Festival under the auspices of Frye Art Museum of Seattle and numerous other venues in Second Life and real life since DanCoyotes birth in April of 2006.

DanCoyote (a pun on Cervante's Don Quixote) has achieved significant notoriety exhibiting art based on situated technology and reactive architecture while at the same time creating, producing and directing a the only the only zero gravity dance troupe in either world. Spensley/DanCoyote's ZeroG SkyDancers perform in Second Life and are often projected into real world venues, spanning the divide between continuums. The SkyDancers are a cross between water ballet and aerial acrobatics and have been said to invoke a sense of wonder and pageant similar to Cirque du Soleil.

An alumni of the San Francisco Art Institute, DC Spensley has lived and worked in San Francisco for twenty years. Co-founder of quasi-art movements like The Gomi School and Critical Mass, Spensley's 2007 project is called Hyperformalism which describes formalist abstraction in a hyperconstruct.

These neologisms describe how Spensley perceives his place in the larger context of cultural production: as part art movement, part marketing appliance and narrative license to create visual, aural and conceptual cohesion from the critical chaos of postmodern pluralism.

Spensley is a polymath, the artist wears the hat of writer, director, cinematographer, composer, performance artist.


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