Daniel Goddemeyer

Daniel Goddemeyer is a New York City based researcher / designer.

Daniel Goddemeyer is a New York City based researcher / designer who advises companies such as BBVA's Innovation Center, Telefonica Digital and Audi on how to transform their emerging technologies into new products and services.

Besides his consulting activities he pursues artistic projects with a wide range of collaborators such as Selfiecity or On Broadway, a recent collaboration with Lev Manovich, Moritz Stefaner and Dominikus Baur for the New York Public Library.

With the MFA class Urban Fictions at the School of Visual Arts he explores how the increasing access to personal data will impact our future everyday.

Throughout his career, he has taken a key or leading role on a wide variety of projects for agencies like Antenna Design, Future Farmers, ReD Associates and IDEO.

For his work he has received several distinctions and awards from the Art Directors Club, the Red Dot Award, the German Design Price, and the Industrial Designer Society of America.

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