Daniela Brugger

Daniela Brugger is a conceptual artist.

Daniela Brugger is a conceptual artist who shifts between disciplines, and prefers to realise ideas collaboratively. She is also a person with an increasing interest in our digitally shaped world and the resulting social, physical and societal changes. In the process, a spectrum emerges that addresses the current discourse around peer-to-peer learning, open source, shared authorship and expanded knowledge spaces from an intersectional feminist and artistic perspective. In doing so, questioning the conditions of given spaces, and explore possibilities of movements within seemingly rigid structures.

Her practise is based on exchange, sitting between artistic production, collaboration, curation and art education. Her works finalises mainly in form of performances, installations, videos, text, workshops, and audio works.

She lives in Basel as a freelance artist, teaches and lectures, has studied in Basel and Brussels (MA Fine Arts), and Zurich and Budapest (BA Art Education).


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