Dave Cliff

Dave Cliff - DEAF95 Symposium; photo: Jan Sprij

Dave Cliff

Dave Cliff (GB) is a computer scientist, focused on Evolutionary Robotics.

Dave Cliff studied Computer and Cognitive Science in Leeds and Brighton (GB) and finished his dissertation on Cognitive Science at the University of Sussex. He occupied various faculty positions at Sussex 1990-1997 and co-founded the Sussex Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems Group, one of the most recognized institutes on Artificial Life and Simulation of Adaptive Behavior. In his research he focuses on autonomous agents, where he analyses sensory-motor coordination of animals to translate these results to artificial agents (for example small mobile robots). More recently he concentrates on Evolutionary Robotics. Using knowledge about artificial evolution (populations of virtual agents reproduce, show behavior and evolve), his research-group tries to develop behavior-generated neural network architecture for robots and software agents.



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