David de Buyser

David de Buyser (BE) performed as a songwriter/ guitarist/ singer. Since the late 1990s, he has increasingly used electronics, synthesizer and sampler in his compositions.

The sampled composition “Structured Sound for Well-Organized People” came out in 2001. Its title refers to the urge to give the world a shape through the ordering of sounds. This drive still forms the basis of his work.

As its title indicates, the 2003 piece “Akoestiek Electronique” bears witness to a revaluation of acoustic sound. Voices and instruments are full-fledged counterparts to electronics. Since then, collaborations have further expanded his sound and influences. More and more, other art forms have come to supplement music; links to fine art and theater provide rich ground to be mined.

In the sound installation Sleeplessness, which played at Belgium’s Academie Beeldende Kunsten Anderlecht in early 2008, an eight-channel piece for piano, electronics and voice served as a source for image generation. David also collaborated on the live performance Red Light Project (Q-O2, Brussels), directed by Kurt Dutré. 

In 2009, along with the installation ACOUSTIC MIRROR _ MOSS, he is working on the performance/installation Beursplatform with Roel Kerckhofs and Vincent Jacobs. The collective will establish a nonprofit organization at the end of the year. 

David has also worked with the experimental technology theater group CREW/Eric Joris on the audiovisual mix for productions such as U_Raging Standstill (2006) and O_Rex (2007–2008). In the 2008/2009 season he worked on the company’s latest performances, Eux and W (Double U).

In 2007, he composed the soundtrack for ’t Arsenaal’s theater production Uit het leven van de marionetten in Mechelen, Belgium.

For NIGHTSHOT, an installation by the Dutch artist Judith Nab (Théâtre Espace, Amsterdam, 2007), he reworked his composition “The Railway Maintenance” into a six-minute soundtrack with extracts from Maeterlinck’s “Les Aveugles,” resulting in a black box of music and image.

The group project The Pilar Orchestra (2005–2007) combined grunge guitar with percussion and sufi song. With guitarist Philippe Colas (2007), he made long, experimental pieces like “The Railway Maintenance,” “Requiem: A Long and Stirring Night,” and “Circle,” in the vein of Godspeed! You Black Emperor and Arvo Pärt.

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