David Garcia

(Tele)Communication in Art: David Garcia; photo: Jan Sprij

David Garcia

David Garcia (GB) is an artist and writer, who coined the term "tactical media."

David Garcia is an artist, writer, organizer, and recently appointed Professor of Design for Digital Cultures, Portsmouth University.
In the early 90's he coined the term tactical media and as part of an interdisciplinary team, went on to develop the concept through The Next 5 Minutes, a series of conferences on electronic communications art and political culture which he initiated in 1993.
He has gone on to develop related concepts through a number of essays and exhibitions, helping to establish a new strand of thinking and practice within critical media. Most recently he co-edited Net.congestion (International Festival of Streaming Media).
Much of his work combines media 'clusters' including live television, radio and streaming computer networks to amplify the qualities of face to face communication and public debate.

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