Dennis Del Favero

Dennis Del Favero; photo (detail): Jan Sprij

Dennis Del Favero

Dennis Del Favero (AU) is a media artist and researcher.

Dennis Del Favero is a Sydney based artist and researcher, currently an ARC Queen Elizabeth II Fellow, Artist-in-Resident at ZKM. He is co-director of the iCinema Centre for Interactive Cinema Research at the University of New South Wales and Managing Editor of the Digital Arts Edition series. 

(bio: 2006)

During Tangent_Fear, Del Favero's video piece Pentimento will be shown, and he will discuss the aesthetics of trauma through Nachtraglichkeit a work in which he introduces the work of Pierre Janet, the contemporary of Freud who coined the classic formulation of trauma. As opposed to the normal course of events, personal experiences are processed by the brain to enable them to be recognized as memory. Trauma, however, resists such processing, rendering the familiar unrecognizable.


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