Detlef Linke

Detlef Linke [1994 © Jan Sprij]

Detlef Linke

Detlef Linke (DE, 1945-2005) is a brain researcher.

Detlef B. Linke was a neurologist at the University Hospital of Bonn where he also taught. From 1982, he was Professor of Clinical Neurophysiology and Neurosurgical Rehabilitation in Bonn, and Professor of Philosophy of Natural Sciences at the Hochschule Weilheim-Bierbronnen.

Linke studied medicine, philosophy, phonetics and communication sciences. He wrote his dissertations on psychomotoric epilepsy and the linguistic centers of the brain. In his research he focuses on the correlation between brain functions, perception and notions of reality. His work poses important questions about the origin and distortion of self images.

Linke has 250 publications, 1200 speeches, numerous radio- and television commentaries, and fourteen books to his name. These are texts on ethics, coma, brain death, personality and brain chips, including: In Würde Altern und Sterben (Growing Old and Dying Dignified, 1991); Das Gehirn (The Brain, 1999); Einsteins Doppelgänger, Das Gehirn und sein Ich (Einstein's Double, The Brain and his I, 2000). 

Linke co-edited the magazine Ethica. Wissenschaft und Verantwortung (Ethica. Science and Responsibility); with V2_, he published Theoids, Androids and Clonoids in TechnoMorphica (1997), and The Rhythms of Happiness in Machine Times (2000).


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