Didi de Paris

photo - Jan Sprij 1984

Didi de Paris

Didi de Paris (BE) is a poet, a writer and a performer.

Didi de Paris started as a young a punk rock poet in 1981, and his actions to the days have performance character. He started writing and publishing work during this time. He got attention for his second book Maladie d'amour (1987), a 'therapeutical' novel that deals with relationship, work and mental health issues.

He wrote for Double Talk, MillenniuM, De Rottend Staal Nieuwsbrief and Brakke Hond, he worked for the underground magazine Gonzo Circus and has regularly columns on Flemish radios and television stations. His poetry actions can be found on podcasts and videos online.

Didi de Paris performed at V2's De funktie van geluid in 1984.


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