Dot Mancando

Dot Mancando [cesarharada.com]

Dot Mancando

Dot Mancando (TH) is an interaction designer who wonders about choice, fate and consequences.

Dot Mancando (Nitipak Samsen) studied architecture before joining the Design Interactions program at the Royal College of Art; and he has contradictory beliefs: He loves computer games but he thinks computer games will ruin his life. He comes from a poor country but he has to pay the highest tuition fee. He hates capitalism but he works for it. He loves self sufficient economy but he can’t live with it. In 2004, he set up a small studio with three other Thai designers, the Tabbinn Studio.

Dot Mancando: http://www.dotmancando.info/

He presented Coin Flipper and The Buttons during V2_'s Test_Lab: What Crisis?!.

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