Edouard Bannwart

projection Echtzeit GMBH; photo: Jan Sprij

Edouard Bannwart

Edouard Bannwart (DE) (1943-2007) is an architect, urban planner and VR pioneer.

Prof. Edouard Bannwart lives and works as an architect and urban planner in Berlin/Germany. He taught at the Hochschule der Künste, Berlin, from 1971-87 and is a co-founder of ART+COM whose managing chairman he was from 1988-94. Since 1994 Bannwart has been the director of the newly founded media design company EchtZeit. The company which has five distributed offices in Berlin and Cologne, investigates the use of advanced 3D design systems (especially VR) in the context of distributed communication and working environments across broadband networks. It is specially involved in the design of 3D virtual worlds as future communication and working platforms, the design of virtual navigation and communication tools for computer supported work, the design and organisation of exhibitions and information events to present advanced telecommunication scenarios with Virtual Reality, the organisation and evaluation of these technologies and their potential use in the process of industrial production, marketing and distribution, the consulting and support of companies introducing Virtual Reality and telecommunication technologies in their organisation structure, and the investigation and testing of the prerequisites for a future virtual marketplace.


Edouard Bannwart werkt als an architect and stadsplanner in Berlijn/Duitsland. Hij heeft les gegeven aan de Hochschule der Künste, Berlijn, en is mede-oprichter van ART+COM. Sinds 1994 is Bannwart de directeur van de nieuw media design bedrijf EchtZeit. Publicaties van hem zijn o.a. (met C. Alsdorf): Virtual Reality als immaterielle Infrastruktur, Copernicus, 1995.


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