Elmer Schoenberger

Elmer Schönberger

Elmer Schoenberger

Elmer Schönberger (NL) is a musicologist, composer and writer.

A celebrated musicologist and an author and composer, Schönberger has been the main music critic for the Dutch weekly Vrij Nederland since 1976, and writes the rubric Het Gebroken Oor since 1984; in 1990 he was awarded the Pierre Bayle Prize for music criticism.

Schönberger published a number of books on music, include Het apollinisch uurwerk (The Apollonian Clockwork, with Louis Andriessen, 1983), De wellustige tandarts & andere componisten (The Lascivious Dentist and Other Composers), and De vrouw met de hamer & andere componisten (The Woman with the Hammer and Other Composers, 1992).

As a novelist he made his debut with Vic, met name (2003). As musical essayist, he published Het Gebroken Oor (The Broken Ear, 2005 and 2007), as composer …dressing old words new… (2005) and, as for a theater play, Naar Moskou, Moskou (To Moscow, Moscow, 2005).

For V2_, he collaborated on Dick Raaymakers: A Monograph (2008) with the essay Dick Raaymakers: Composer of Bodiless Sounds.


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