Eric Joris

Eric Joris [foto © Jan Sprij]

Eric Joris

Eric Joris (BE) is the artistic director of CREW.

Eric Joris is a visual artist, working with multimedia, film, cartoon and design. He is the artistic director and key figure behind CREW, a Belgium-based performance group that develops experimental works at the interstices of live art and technology: robotics, computer sciences and theater.

His background comprises filmmaking, visual arts, economics, and industrial design. (Arts at the Royal Academy of Arts (Antwerp), film directing at the RITS Media Institute (Brussels), languages and art history at the Sorbonne (Paris), Cambridge University (UK), Collegium Palatinum (Heidelberg), and economics at the European Executive training program in Japan (of the European Commission).

In 1991 he started making strips (Bandes Dessinées) such as "Chelsy" or "Les Cuisiniers Dangereux". In 1995, with the arrival of digital drawing boards, the internet and computer games, he took his cartoon strips into new media and experimented with them in theater. After 2000, he focused on conceiving a theatrical environment using "multimedia as a prosthesis" and redefined CREW, a small organisation composed of scientists and artists that became the organisational and artistic vehicle for this. Since "Crash", from 2004, the group is developing immersive technology together with entirely new theatrical concepts, whereas audience become the protagonists, ‘performing’ at the inside of the image and sound, at the inside of the story…


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