Eric Redlinger

Eric Redlinger; photo: flickr/spinningonair

Eric Redlinger

Eric Redlinger (NL/US) is a developer, programmer, sound designer and musician.

Eric Redlinger's musical background includes significant research in both extremes of the western musical spectrum. A long-time student of both electronic music and most recently of medieval polyphonic and contrapuntal techniques at the conservatory in Basel, Switzerland have put him on a compositional map that embraces both the mystical lushness and elegant complexity of the 14th and 15th century polyphonists as well as the exacting control over sonority and acoustics that has been made possible by the explosion in modern synthesis and audio processing techniques. His interests in inter-media collaboration and enabling artists to explore new paths of expression through technology have found an excellent outlet within the Keyworx team.


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