Eric Simon Thomas

Eric Simon Thomas

Eric Simon Thomas

Eric Simon Thomas (NL) is the head of icrest. and a creative multimedia consultant.

After his study in 1996 Eric started working in the field of interior and expo projects and the last ten years he spend his time on working on 'experience' projects and high profile complex interior building projects with great assets of special materials, multimedia and light.

The last five years he was, as a project manager for a large 3D design and build company, responsible for the co-creation of the design, engineering, and realization of the projects. Also with a stronger focus on light, all kinds of multimedia, software content, and interaction of public with these technologies. He works as a strong asset in the client team for helping them and the creatives in the process.

Eric has worked on several large projects like the Redesign of the Philips Music Hall in Eindhoven, Media Experience for the Dutch Sound and Vision in Hilversum, Heineken the City - the Heineken retail Brand Store in Amsterdam, Space Expo in Noordwijk among others.

In 2010 Eric started his own company icrest. and works as a creative multimedia consultant and creative multimedia engineer. He helps clients and creatives with the broad possibilities of multimedia within their unique projects.


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