Eugene Thacker

Eugene Thacker

Eugene Thacker

Eugene Thacker (US) is a writer, theorist, artist.

Eugene Thacker is the author of several books and articles that combine philosophy, science and technology, such as: Biomedia (2004), The Global Genome (2005), and The Exploit: A Theory of Networks (2007) which he co-authored with Alexander Galloway. Eugene Thacker is Assistant Professor in the School of Literature, Communication, and Culture at the Georgia Institute of Technology, and has collaborated with the art collectives Biotech Hobbyist, RSG (Radical Software Group), and Fakeshop.

Much of his theoretical work deals with the relationships between body and technology, especially in contemporary biotechnology and biomedicine. His work has appeared in Alt-X, Ars Electronica '99: Life Science, Body Modification (ed. Mike Featherstone, Sage, 2000), CTHEORY, Flesh-Eating Technologies (ed. Sylvere Lotringer, Semiotext(e), 2001), Leonardo, Mute, Switch and Theory & Event. Thacker is a contributing editor at The Thing.

For V2_, he contributed, with Alexander Galloway, In Defiance of Existence: Notes on Networks, Control and Life Forms in Feelings are Always Local (2004) and with Regenerative Medicine: We Can Regrow It For You Wholesale in Machine Times (2000).

His website is at http://www.lcc.gatech.edu/~ethacker/

HARD_CODE (ed. of experimental electronic prose): http://www.altx.com/ebooks/hard_code.html

Creative Biotechnology: A User's Manual: http://www.locusplus.org.uk/biotech_hobbyistET.html

In conversation with Nicholas Ruiz: http://intertheory.org/thacker-ruiz.htm and Josephine Bosma: http://www.nettime.org/Lists-Archives/nettime-l-0103/msg00175.html

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