Felicien Goguey

Félicien Goguey is a french media artist and interaction designer who lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland

He uses multiple skills to create interactive installations, live performances, applications and connected objects. He explores the creative potential of programming languages and new technologies with a preference for open-source tools.

His main interests lie in communication networks and their imperceptibility, more precisely in the fac- tors responsible for their imperceptibility and the invisible mechanisms that a user encounters, as well as their political and social consequences. His work involves design methods that question or develop strategies to tackle these issues. Among other subjects, his research tackles mass surveillance conduc- ted within the Internet and mobile phone networks by governmental entities (intelligence services, police, army) and the relations between monitored spaces and their users. For his PhD thesis between the Digital Humanities Laboratory at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and HEAD–Genève, he developed a practice-based research focused on one specific object: the IMSI catcher, a monitoring device that intercept mobile phones identity and data by mimicking the activity of a cell tower.

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