Femke Vandenberg

Femke Vandenberg is a cultural sociologist.

Femke Vandenberg is a cultural sociologist at the Department of Arts and Culture Studies at Erasmus University, Rotterdam. In her research, she is interested in the role of music in society. She has recently published on the audience experience of live (digitally mediated) music and its potential in generating feelings of collectivity.

She recently published the article “Put Your “Hand Emotes in the Air:” Twitch Concerts as Unsuccessful Large-Scale Interaction Rituals”, where she investigates the appropriateness of the virtual sphere in accommodating successful interaction rituals.

Her PhD research into the 'Aesthetic Dispositions of Cultural Audiences' is part of the Erasmus Initiative Vital Cities and Citizens. While investigating the consumption of popular music she focuses on the experience and meaning of live music (both online and offline) for various sections of Dutch society. During the event, Femke will draw upon her research, and explore how contemporary media technologies are changing the way we consume music, and how it relates to the notion of liveness.

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