Florian Roetzer

DEAF94 Symposium: Florian Rötzer; photo: Jan Sprij

Florian Roetzer

Florian Rötzer (DE) is an editor-philosopher.

Florian Rötzer is an author who writes for several magazines and curator of exhibitions on the field of art and technology. Rötzer studied philosophy, psychology and pedagogy. He works as a freelance author and journalist with an emphasis on philosophy and media theory. Together with the sociologist Dietmar Kamper, Florian Rötzer belongs to a group of German intellectuals who introduced and spread the works of the French media philosophers Baudrillard and Virilio in Germany.

Rötzer is editor of the German art-magazine Kunstforum and the online Telepolis (which he co-founded) and wrote, among others, Französische Philosophen im Gespräch (About French Philosophers, 1986), Die Telepolis. Urbanität im digitalen Zeitalter (Telepolis. Urbanism in the Digital Age, 1997), Megamaschine Wissen (Mega-machine Knowledge, 1999), Vom Wildwerden der Städte (Cities turning Feral, 2006). With V2_, Rötzer published Fascinations, Reactions, Virtual Worlds and other Matter in Book for the Unstable Media (1992).

Rötzer is specially interested in subjects dealing with war, military, or (anti-)terrorism.

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