Franco Berardi

Franco Bifo Berardi [foto: Jan Sprij 2009]

Franco Berardi

Franco Berardi (IT) is a contemporary philosopher-writer and media-theorist-activist.

Franco Berardi (aka Bifo), philosopher, media theorist and activist, founded the magazine A/traverso (1975–1981) and was a member of the staff of Radio Alice, the first free radio station in Italy. He was involved in the political movement of 'autonomia' in Italy during the 1970s, then fled to Paris where he worked with the French philosopher Felix Guattari in the field of schizoanalysis.

During the 1980s he contributed to the magazine Semiotexte (New York), Chimerees (Paris), Metropoli (Rome) and Musica 80 (Milano). He published numerous books,  including Cyberpunk, The Panther and the Rhizome, Politics of Mutation, Philosophy and Politics in the Twilight of Modernity, and The Factory of Unhappiness. He also collaborated with the Institute of Networked Cultures (Amsterdam).

Berardi is based in Bologna, Italy.


Franco Berardi participated in the Test_Lab: Intimate Interfaces on December 10, 2009.

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