Frederik De Wilde

Frederik De Wilde

Frederik De Wilde

Frederik De Wilde (BE) is an artist.

Frederik De Wilde acts on the border area between science, technology and art. The conceptual crux of his artistic praxis are the notions of the intangible, inaudible, invisible. It is this interstitial territory that Frederik De Wilde explores in his various works. Sometimes on the side of the technological, and often in the perceptual, conceptual, social—human—register, De Wilde's art is grounded in the interaction between complex systems, both biological and technological. Moreover, the indistinct, diffuse, 'fuzzy' arena where the biological and the technological overlap and commingle is a productive and favored ground for his projects / projections.

To realize this works, he collaborated with Groep-T, new media engineers at the University of Leuven (KUL), the robotics department of the University Brussels (VUB) and the Physics department of the University of Hasselt (UH), Rice University in Houston (USA), Karlsruhe University (DE), and currently NASA.

Frederik is a guest professor at Transmedia Brussels and a permanent artist in residence at the University of Hasselt.


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