Gair Dunlop

Gair Dunlop

Gair Dunlop

Gair Dunlop (UK) is a photographer, video maker and "interactive tinkerer."

Gair Dunlop makes artworks which explore entropic Modernism: the New Town, the military airfield, the film archive and the memory of progress. Final results vary from websites to handmade books, lawn drawings to 'expanded cinema' events. He uses digital technologies (digital video, archive material, photography and interactive technology) in combination with site-specific practices - with remnants of the technological sublime on site and online. Often in collaboration with Dan Norton (ablab.org), the works investigate and play with different eras of discovery and propaganda. They work together on projects that blend archive, contemporary, and absurdist visions of technology and entropy.

In projects like Century 21 Calling and The Tomorrows Project (with Dan Norton, and nominated for the BAFTA), the idea of the modern is seen as a recruitment process to a historically specific kind of 20th century citizenship. The works develop as part of a social investigative process, mixing archive and contemporary material. Subjects have included New Town Utopianism, the idea of the future as embodied in film archives, the discoverers of DNA, and the paradoxical nostalgias of simulator technology.

Dunlop is a postgraduate lecturer in Media Art and Imaging at DJCAD Dundee University.


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