Gerard van Dongen

Gerard van Dongen; photo: Jan Sprij

Gerard van Dongen

Gerard van Dongen (NL) (1967-2006) was a composer, musician and computer programmer, instrumental to Rotterdam's impro scene around 1990.

Gerard van Dongen works as composer/musician/computer programmer in Rotterdam. With his own software for forcefeedback joystick and webcam as controllers, he performs and composes music and sound. Two projects he is currently working on: Pinball-machine-music, where he is customizing a pinball machine (a 1992 data-east Maverick) to work as an alternative controller/sound installation. A general-purpose computer replaces the soundboard and the codes generated by the gameplay trigger different samples/compositions that are run on this computer. Premiering this fall. Nacht, together with "het lokaal voor spannende zaken", he has made a radio-documentary about the night using interviews and location recordings. He is now developing this into a performance, and building an installation/info-booth/website to solicit text and opinions from people that will be used in this piece. Premiering spring/summer 2005.


bio: 2004

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