Gokay Atabek

Gökay Atabek (TR) media artist and musician, originally from Istanbul, based in The Hague.

Gökay Atabek (TR) is an artist and researcher who, albeit unwillingly, has been appointed the representee, accountant, webmaster, and production manager of Vølksamt! - a de-facto art collective that deals with intermedia art.

Vølksamt! is a collective that aims to liberate art from its mono-media(l) shackles and the munificence of the superficial institution that monger it.

In doing so, Vølksamt! advocates against certain repulsive atrocities still widely committed in contemporary society, such as painting.

Prior to his appointment as local representative, Atabek has been working with computer and new media art. After an adventure starting in his bedroom with a Big Muff Pi, he developed competence in electronics, which he nowadays uses to assist and advise Vølksamt! Currently, he is dwelling into practices such a publishing, blue-collar labor, and mixology. He works at de Besturing.

More: volksamt.org/


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