Han Brezet

Han Brezet

Han Brezet

Han Brezet (NL) is an expert in sustainable development.

Han Brezet is head of the oldest Design for Sustainability program in Europe at the TU Delft. He is the City Innovator for Rotterdam, and has build a creative city platform for change, bringing together designers with industry, government and the community to envision new possibilities for Rotterdam’s development.

Brezet studied electrical engineering at the TU Delft. In 1993, he received his PhD from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam in the field of environmental sociology. In 1992, Brezet was appointed professor for sustainable product development at the Faculty for Industrial Design at the TU Delft. His field of research includes sustainable product development, sustainable energy technologies, sustainable regional development and sustainable product service systems.

Brezet coordinates the research program for sustainable development at the TU Delft and the 3TU Cartesius Institute in Leeuwarden. As part-time professor he is connected to the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) at the Swedish Lund University, and to the Australian Centre for Science, Innovation and Society (ACSIS) at the University of Melbourne.

Brezet is one of three judges for the "Best Ideas of The Netherlands" TV reality show – one of the most popular reality television shows on Dutch TV in which thousands of people compete to get their invention to the market.


Han Brezet participates in the World in a Shell Seminar on April 1, 2010.

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