Hans Aarsman

Hans Aarsman; photo: Sebastiaan ter Burg

Hans Aarsman

Hans Aarsman (NL) is a photojournalist and writer.

Hans Aarsman is a former photographer, author, and lecturer at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. He is known as a significant figure in the New Topography movement, and many of his works can be seen in the Netherlands Photo Museum.

Aarsman started his career as a photojournalist for the Dutch newspaper Trouw, for which he still writes on photography. In 1989 he published the book Hollandse Taferelen (Dutch scenes) which consisted of landscapes photographed from the roof of a camper which he pulled through the Netherlands for a year. In 1990–1991 he finished a photo series of East German states. Other photo books produced by Aarsman include his auto-biographical work Aarsmans Amsterdam (1993), Een engeltje dat over mijn tong piest (1995), and Vrooom!Vrooom! (2003). In 1995, his wrote his debut literary work Twee hoofden, een kussen (Two heads, one pillow, 1995), and has since written a number of plays.

Aarsman has a weekly column in the Dutch daily de Volkskrant. In it, he selects one photo from the multitude that arrives at the newspaper every day, and provides his own personal commentary. These pieces, full of insight into viewing and 'reading' photographs, were published as De Aarsman Collectie by Nai Publishers. Some consider him a photo detective. Aarsman is the co-founder of Useful Photography, a magazine on photography without pretentions, and he writes on Fieldeye - Seeing things for what they are. Aarsman suggests that the only real photographic beauty is to be found in pictures that were made without such a goal in mind.



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