Hans Christian Gilje

HC Gilje; photo: Ulf Rokkan

Hans Christian Gilje

Hans Christian Gilje (NO) is an artist who works with installations, live performance, set design and singlechannel video.

HC Gilje is a digital media artist working mostly with video in different contexts: live jamming, interactive computer/video installations, scenography, videoloops, experimental digital video. Among others, his VideoNervous project explored video as a live medium, collaborating in three projects with artists within already established stage media: music, dance and theatre. Other recent work includes the acclaimed digital video h.k.mark1 and his computer/video installation node. HC also contributes to projects initiated by different groups, including Motherboard, DemoDans (now kreutzer_kompani), The Four and Hollow Creature. He is educated from the Intermedia Department of the Kunstakademiet in Trondheim (kit).


bio: 2000

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