Hans Kalliwoda

Hans Kalliwoda

Hans Kalliwoda

Hans Kalliwoda (DE) is an artist connected to the Blindpainters Foundation in Amsterdam.

German-born artist Hans Kalliwoda has been living and working all around the world for almost twenty-five years, creating numerous exhibitions and installations in the countries he has visited. This nomadic life style is central to his oeuvre, and has played a significant role in the development of his latest project, called The World in a Shell.

In a project called Europartrain – one of Kalliwoda’s previous intervention projects – he initiated and directed a mobile art train, collecting railway carriages and “cultural luggage“ for exhibitions and events with local artists on railway stations across different countries in Europe. A crucial aspect of this project was for people of diverse cultural backgrounds to get to know each other’s culture. For each country the train passed through, a separate catalogue was published: these catalogues display the result of this cultural cross-pollination, and a documentary art film was made and available on DVD. This set can be purchased as a package.




V2_ organized the kick off in Rotterdam of World in a Shell in April 2010, the latest project by Hans Kalliwoda with a series of events.

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