Heike Bluthardt

Heike Bluthardt is a graphic artist, process designer and connector.

Graphic artist, process designer and connector, Heike Bluthardt helped establish the corporate identity for the newly formed r0g_agency in 2012, including designing their iconic ‘yellow slash’ logo. She has continued to partner with r0g_ ever since, designing graphics for many of their projects and publications. Using her graphic sense, a large part of Heike’s mission is to bring people with divergent perspectives together to work towards a common goal, searching for the essence of the story that needs to be told in every challenge and making it visible. Originally from Southern Germany, she’s now basically a native Rotterdammer, where she has worked with many design studios, founding her own fashion label. More recently, together with sci-fi writer Meike Eggers, she has developed an open methodology to implement a person's creative vision, or seemingly impossible ideas, coining this as 'mindstoryhacking'. 


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