Henk Oosterling

Henk Oosterling

Henk Oosterling

Henk Oosterling (NL) is a philosopher and strategic advisor, for whom Dasein is design.

Henk Oosterling studied philosophy, linguistics and Japanese in Leiden and Rotterdam. He studied and taught, and wrote on martial arts. Since 1985, Oosterling teaches at the Faculty of Philosophy at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. He is the secretary of the Dutch-Flemish Union for Intercultural Philosophy, coordinator of the Centre for Philosophy and Arts and the chairman of the Dutch Aesthetics Federation. He is initiator of several cultural and social projects, among which Rotterdam Skill City. In 2008, he received the Laurenspenning/Laurens Coin from the city of Rotterdam.

Oosterling has published philosophical and non-philosophical books. With the concept Dasein is design, Oosterling examines the vital, changing role that design plays in our Dasein, or existence; he looks at how interwoven the two are, and to what extend one defines the other: as design has provided the possibility to distinguishing us from others, it also seduces to hyperconsumption.


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