Herwig Weiser

Herwig Weiser

Herwig Weiser

Herwig Weiser (AT) makes intriguing machines he calls 'analog sculptural processes'.

Herwig Weiser is an interdisciplinary artist who work collaboratively. His long-term investigation of the relationship between electronic information and data systems, and the raw hardware that drives these technologies, draws on aesthetic, engineering and programming disciplines, as well as a wider spectrum of scientific principles. His work has been exhibited at venues including DEAF03, Cybersonica, Galerie Lisa Ruyter and Ars Electronica.


Herwig Weiser presented the interactive installations zgodlocator and Death before Disko 3.1 at V2_. He participated in the DEAF98 exhibition and the Zone V2_ exhibition (2007); his work has been presented in the V2_ publications The Art of the Accident (1998), Information Is Alive (2003), Interact or Die! (2007), The Politics of the Impure (2010).


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