Ikuo Nakamura

Ikuo Nakamura

Ikuo Nakamura

Ikuo Nakamura / 中村 征夫 (JP/US) is a holographic artist.

Ikuo Nakamura is a Japanese electronic artist based in New York City, since 1983. He has studied Physics at Science University of Tokyo and Holography at New York Holographic Laboratories (1984). His early focus on mastering the wealth of color of white light transmission holograms, soon hectically crossed over with an interest in other electronic and interactive technologies, to originate truly new holographic hybrids as, Rainbow Dance I (1990), or Neuro Hologram (1993-96). He has combined video images and computer graphics with holography, and experimented with the Data Glove and the voice as interfaces between the viewer and the hologram. His interest then has shifted back to seminal/master laser transmission holograms for in situ installations. Nakamura's work has been exhibited and awarded worldwide.




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