Inari Wishiki

Inari Wishiki is a Japanese artist.

Inari Wishiki is interested in constructing a new system where money just flows around irrationally. “Imagine money is randomly lying everywhere on the street and people pick it up and use it as they need. If you don't need that much, just drop it casually, just like stones."

Inari Wishiki has been trying to make life easier for people who are trying to live hard. With INARI NOODLE (2010), he tried to make a platform on which artists can earn money without their art practice being interrupted. The idea was if you have to do certain things to earn money, for example working in a noodle bar, can it not be sheer fun? With INARI CARD (2011), he made a system in which people living true to their heart are financially treated better. He thought it is strange that everyone has to pay the same price for everything from food to bus fees and so wanted to fix that in his own way even if only for a short period. With INARI TRADING CARD (2012), he documented the way essential workers function as a social infrastructure. He found that money was naturally following those workers according to their essential motions unlike that of workers who seek after money.





inari from V2_ on Vimeo.

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