Inke Arns

Inke Arns

Inke Arns

Inke Arns (DE) is a curator and author.

Inke Arns studied Eastern European Cultural Studies. She is a curator and organizer of several (media) art exhibitions (such as OSTranenie 93: Shattered Myths - New Realities. Video Focus on Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, Bauhaus Dessau 1993; Minima Media. Medienbiennale Leipzig 94). She is working on the exhibition project discord. sabotage of realities (Hamburg Nov. 1996) and will be organizing Topos / Territorium, the Medien-biennale Leipzig 1997. Recent publications include Mobile States / Shifting Borders / Moving Entities. The Slovenian Art Collective Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK): Mapping the New Post-Territorial Communities, in: Geert Lovink / Pit Schultz [eds.], ZK Proceedings 2 - a portable net critique (nettime), Madrid Cyberconf5, June 1996.


bio: 1996

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