Ion Sorvin

Ion Sørvin (in N55's Urban Free Habitat System)

Ion Sorvin

Ion Sørvin (DK) is co-founder of the art collective N55.

The Danish artist, activist and self-proclaimed 'closet architect', lives out the summer months in a small houseboat moored at Copenhagen harbor. He kayaks every day, he is a respected in the local community, and with N55, the Copenhagen-based art collective, has been challenging conventional notions of living, architecture and land ownership.

Sørvin has been fighting for simple freedoms, his work and lifestyle is an example for other ways to live a fulfilling life, alternative economic models and no need to compromise. His houseboat lifestyle, officially illegal on Copenhagen, is part of an educating process: "I think what’s important is to open people’s eyes to other ways of doing things and other ways of living."

Sørvin says that N55 believes in educating people: "The only way I can work is to create good examples." Sørvin is aware that only by adopting a consistent position does he have a hope of influencing the planners, architects and the public who decide how societies and cities will develop.



Ion Sørvin leads the World in a Shell Workshop on April 2, 2010 with Anne Romme, both from N55.

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