Isabella Bordoni

Isabella Bordoni

Isabella Bordoni

Isabella Bordoni (IT) is a performer and writer.

Bordoni is also a poet and actress, who works with music, theatre, installation, literature, radio and media. In 1985 she founded the theatre company and media lab Giardini Pensili with Roberto Paci Dalò. She presented her work in Europe, America and the Middle East. She collaborated with Roberto Paci Dalò, Rupert Huber, Amelia Cuni, Tullio Brunone, Sam Auinger, Hannes Strobl, David Moss, Keiko Shiraishi, Nevio Cavina, Marold Langer-Philippsen, Denis Roio aka Jaromil, August Black, Enrico Marchesin, Cristiano Chesi, Alessandro Culiani, Gerfried Stocker, Horst Hörtner among others.



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