Ivan Pavlov

COH; photo by dieter wuschanski

Ivan Pavlov

Ivan Pavlov (SE/RU) is COH.

Ivan Pavlov studied mathematics and physics at the University of Gorki (Russia), specializing in acoustics. He became a resident of Sweden, where he employed as a software programmer. COH has released the CD Enter Tinnitus, followed by the mini-CD Vox Tinnitus and has also contributed a mini-CD to the series 20 minutes to 2000, released by publishing house Raster Noton. On Vox Tinnitus voices have been added to musical pieces that were originally recorded on Enter Tinnitus. One voice is that of English singer, poet and actress Annie Anxiety, the other voice is that of John Balance, well-known as the lead vocalist of the English band Coil.

http://www.post-pop.org/ (ignore warning)


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