Jaiksana Jackson Soro

Jaiksana Jackson Soro is an artist and media activist, originally from South-Sudan.

Originally from Yei, South Sudan, artist and media activist Jaiksana was forced to move to the Rhino Camp refugee settlement, Uganda in 2016. There he founded Platform Africa, a community-based organization engaged to reach young refugees through the power of media, education, and technology to foster equitable, informed and resilient societies. Formerly as a lead corresponden in r0g_agency’s #defyhatenow initiative Jaiksana has built a practice around social media literacy, trauma and hate speech mitigation, as well as training open hardware skills, having helped develop #ASKotec – the Access to Skills and Knowledge open tech emergency kit. In all his work, sound art and music are closely intertwined, with Jaiksana releasing a number of successful songs, videos and podcasts reflecting his peacebuilding mission. 


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