Jan Adriaans

Jan Adriaans is a visual artist

Through the use of video, sound and performance Adriaans shows that the idea of a human as an independently operating entity is an illusion. By drawing parallels between humans and animals, the set of constraints humans are subjected become more apparent. The Human Self: a mechanism without free will, but with the capacity to form narratives that have a political force.

Adriaans’ often uses the camera to capture modes of behaviour within specific power relations, in an attempt to cut through to the overlap of social and neurological patterns and abstractions in the emergence of thought. Art can make these patterns tangible and detectible through its aesthetic representations.

“Selfhood is tyrannical precisely insofar as it is merely a congerie of drives. The act supplants the tyranny of the impulsive self with the rule of the subject. But it is the act itself that is subject. It is no-one’s.” Ray Brassier

More: www.janadriaans.com

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