Javier Perez Aranda

Javier Pérez Aranda [Photo © Jan Sprij 2005]

Javier Perez Aranda

Javier Pérez Aranda (ES) is an artist.

Madrid based artist Javier Pérez Aranda originally studied ceramics through which he discovered an interest in the intimate nature of matter. Over the past twenty years, Pérez Aranda has developed a sculptural work that has increasingly focused on the processes and the origins of diverse materials. Since 1993 he has completed a number of solo and collaborative site-specific installations dealing with notions of accumulation and the re-sorting of objects, creating sculptural, quasi-architectonic pieces in often non-conventional spaces. The etching work integrated within his practice also uses material residues from the same installations, as well as drawing on an extensive body of photographic documentation. Between 1996 and 2001 he combined these activities in collaboration with Tomas Ruiz-Rivas of the "El Ojo Atómico" project and moved, in 1997 to Mexico City, where he lived for three years. There he carried out a large number of exhibitions, including the use of remains from building demolition, the occupation of private households for installation work or the use of residues from the construction of an art fair. He has also exhibited in France, the Dominican Republic, Austria, Greece, and Taiwan. He presently lives and works in an industrial space in the outskirts of Madrid, where he carries out a restless ongoing work of construction and precarious re-structuring of his habitat starting from residual materials.

Javier Pérez Aranda showed the installation Science Friction in 2005 at V2_ within the Exploding Cinema program of the IFFR.

(bio 2005)

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