Jeanine Verloop

Photo Caio Vita

Jeanine Verloop

Jeanine Verloop is a visual artist based in Rotterdam.

Jeanine Verloop graduated Media Design at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam and Illustration at the Willem de Kooning Academy.  For her illustration is telling a story or sharing information, by any medium possible. Her work showscases a broad application of illustration in public space, installations and text.

She mixes a passion for craft with a fascination for technology, which has led to innovative combinations of analogue and digital technology. Jeanine rejects the idea that craft old and technology is new and emphasizes that craft, art and technology go hand in hand. Benefiting from the precision, efficiency and ever more limitless limits of digital design and manufacturing she retains the soul and skill of the human hand.

More: www.jannetjejeanine.nl

(Photo Caio Vita)

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