Jeffrey Shaw

Jeffrey Shaw

Jeffrey Shaw

Jeffrey Shaw (AU) has pioneered the use of interactivity and virtuality in his installations as artist, theorist and researcher.

Jeffrey Shaw, artist and theorist, has pioneered the use of interactivity and virtuality in his many art installations, which have been exhibited worldwide at major museums and festivals.

He has been living in Amsterdam for many years, where he co-founded the Evenstructure Research Group. As the founding director of the Institute for Visual Media, he has been working at ZKM from 1991 to 2003. Since 2003, he is the founding co-director of the Center for Interactive Cinema Research (iCinema) at the UNSW in Sydney. In these functions, Shaw has signed responsible for key developments in the field of interactive, digital cinema.

Shaw is known for The Legible City (1989), The Virtual Museum (1991), and EVE (Extended Virtual Environment, 1993). Among his more recent art works is The Web of Life - a large scale distributed multimedia project that both artistically and theoretically examines the growing importance of networks and net logic: http://www.web-of-life.de/

For V2_ publishing, he wrote the essay Interactive Digital Structures about his interactive works in the Book for the Unstable Media, 1992; and in 2003s Information is Alive he described the network-installation Web of Life.




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