Jelger Kroese

Jelger Kroese (1989) is a software developer and artist working at the intersection of interactive media, biology, sound and education.

Jelger Kroese's (1989) work is driven by a deep interest in the emergent properties of self-organizing systems, such as ecosystems, social interactions and the mind. He investigates these properties by making them perceivable through sound, image and movement. Using custom software and hardware, he turns his investigations into interactive works that have some form of autonomy. The audience is challenged to engage in a dialogue with the work, which, through its changeable nature, elicits play, curiosity and a new perspective on the relation between nature, human behavior and technology.

Jelger holds a bachelor in biology and graduated from the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science with a master in Media Technology. He is part of the collective Shock Forest Group. His work has been exhibited, among others, at Het Hem Chapter 2WO (2019, Zaandam, as part of Shock Forest Group), NIME (2018, Virginia Tech, USA), Midsummer Night festival (2017, Leiden), Discovery Festival (2016, Amsterdam), Eureka Festival (2016, Amsterdam). The work Perturbation received 'best paper award', at ArtsIT (2018, Braga, Portugal).

Next to his practice, Jelger works as a software developer and designer for Leiden University, where he collaborates with scientists, teachers and students to explore how interactive media can be used to benefit academia. A selection of Jelger's work can be found on jelgerkroese.com.


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