Jennifer DeFelice

Jennifer DeFelice; photo: alivefestival.sk

Jennifer DeFelice

Jennifer DeFelice (US/CZ) is an artist, curator and researcher.

Jennifer DeFelice (or Jennifer Helia DeFelice) was born in New York and is of Italian, Irish and Native American descent. In 1993 she moved to Brno, Czech Republic where she finished her master’s degree in the performance art department of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno. She has worked as a designer, translator and curator and for seven years has played double bass in the trio Herring. Currently she performs both solo and in the duo Tilko (Singlet) with Ivan Palacky and co-hosts a monthly radio program about obscure music and sound art called The Kitchen Sink on Radio Student in Brno where she lives with her husband, son, and two dogs.

Jennifer was involved in Eurovision2000, a project of independent, thematic events, communication and exchange. The project, initiated by artists, has been organized and produced in the framework of Café9, Prague. Jennifer used to work as an assistant at the Faculty of Fine Arts, The Technical University at Brno in the Video-Multimedia-Performance Studio where she has lived for the past three years. She is creating a media archive including a projection series at the four year old institution. She has organized several guest lecturers and performers at the studio and is an organizer for the annual Hi-tech/Art exhibition in Brno. In addition to creating video art and installations she documents performance art, installation art and experimental music at festivals including Art Sztuki '95, Krakow, Poland and The Entarctic Festival, Hermit IV, Plasy, Czech Republic.






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