Joachim Montessuis

Joachim Montessuis

Joachim Montessuis

Joachim Montessuis (FR) is a sound artist doing sound performances and installations.

Joachim Montessuis lives and works mainly between Köln, Paris and Strasbourg. Over the last ten years he has developed a transversal praxis around voice, electronic sounds and images, fixed or treated in real time. His concerts/ install-actions are devised and set in context as poetic spaces in which a sensorial disturbance and blurring occurs. They are definitely experiences of immersion, half way between extended cinema and experimental video, extreme crescendos of hypnotic trance seeking the limits of our perception and of our paradoxical tolerance. His use of interactive sensing devices occasionally includes network experiments (streaming, feedback and/or TV-presence).

He has worked in different environments and festivals (Quebec, Berlin , Beyrouth, Brussels, Northern and Central Africa, Barcelona for the Sonar Festival), in various centres (the CICV, Le Fresnoy, V2_Lab Rotterdam, KHM-Cologne), and with various artists (Eléonore Hellio, David Larcher, Franck AncelŠ), sound poets (Serge Pey, Henri Chopin, Michel Giroud, Joel Hubaut, Jörg PiringerŠ) contemporary dancers and choreographers (Faustin Linyekula, Valentine Verhaeghe). As the founder of Erratum Musical in Besançon, an association (and label) involved in concert/performances and sound poetry events, he still punctually organises experimental poetic events and exhibitions.


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