Joachim Rotteveel

Joachim Rotteveel and "ObserverObject"; photo: Jan Sprij

Joachim Rotteveel

Joachim Rotteveel (NL) experiments with technoscientific innovations.

Joachim Rotteveel is an artist based in The Hague, Netherlands, who utilizes techno-scientific methods to represent ideas about contemporary culture. He studied Autonomous Art at St.Joost in ’s-Hertogenbosch and completed his Master of Science in Media Technology at Leiden University in 2005. At the art academy, he practiced traditional techniques like painting and sculpting.

In the following period he co-founded the media-collective "EyeGasm" with media-artists in Amsterdam. In this time he worked as a VJ using Amiga 1200's, VHS-recorders and television screens. Since then his work has become more conceptual, focusing on technology and philosophy as a theoretical base for his work. His graduation-project for the MSc in MediaTechnology was an experimental research in controlling human motory-functions with a computer.

In 2008, his projects resulted in an exhibition with Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen where archaeological pottery was shown in the context of contemporary industrial rapid prototyping techniques.



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