Jochen Paap

Speedy J: A Shocking Hobby

Jochen Paap

Jochen Paap (NL) aka Speedy J is a techno musician.

Jochem Paap is a Rotterdam-based techno musician whose polished blend of melodious electro-pop with a harder, more Detroit-fueled edge has been among the most highly-praised of post-rave European techno. The Dutch rep in Richie "Plastikman" Hawtin's Plus 8 label, Paap was equally well-known as a club DJ before deciding in 1997 to curtail his DJ engagements and focus on his music. His 1993 debut LP, Ginger, was an engaging blend of ambient textures and hard, crisp beats. Paap has since released several follow-ups under the Speedy J moniker and two solo albums in an ambient series for Fax titled Vrs-Mbnt-Pcs 9598 (just re-insert the missing vowels for a quick translation). He's also recorded a scattering of material as Public Energy for Plus 8, as well as for his own Beam Me Up! label before discontinuing the latter in 1996. He is cofounder of a Dutch remix network, dedicated to bringing Dutch electronic musicians in contact with one another and fostering collaborative projects, and previous to his moratorium on the DJ circuit was known for his commitment to bringing dance-based experimental electronic music to a wider audience, playing out often in unlikely combinations with groups like Cypress Hill and Henry Rollins. In addition to his original recorded work, Paap has also remixed tracks for Secret Cinema and Sven VSth.


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