John Post

John Post (NL) is an IT specialist and chairman of Platform Open Data Netherlands.

John Post has a long and extensive experience in Information Technology. His main areas of interest are the technical infrastructure of IT and the interaction between technology and people.

John Post has lectured on Information Technology in the EDP-auditing curriculum at the Tilburg university. Between 1996 and 2000 he participated in IBM’s Olympic technology marketing team, and was responsible for implementing and communicating IBM’s role as IT provider for the Olympic games. Before he became Chairman of the Technical Experts Council of IBM Benelux, he was interim director for the communications department of IBM Netherlands. He was also the Technical Leader of the governance model for the 4200 technicians of IBM Benelux and he was part of the management team of IBM Benelux as CTO. He lead the virtual team on energy and sustainability at IBM Benelux, and is chairman of the coordinating IIP energy for the Topsectors. He is participates in the table smart grid of Top sector energy and is a member of the steering committee on open data of the municipality of Rotterdam. Since November 2011 he is chairman of the Platform Open Data Netherlands. 

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