Jonas Vorwerk

Jonas Vorwerk. Image taken from http://www.mediamatic.net/

Jonas Vorwerk

Jonas Vorwerk (NL) is a designer working in the border between the autonomous and the applied arts.

Jonas Vorwerk designs innovative concepts that lie between the autonomous and the applied arts. These concepts are expressed in websites, installations and cross-media applications. Jonas Vorwerk's assignments and projects contain different techniques, goals and media types. This can include 3D-artwork manufactured with wood or aluminium, but also internet applications and websites.

After studying mechanical engineering and a three year stint at a webdesign agency, Jonas Vorwerk went on to the Willem De Kooning Art Academy in Rotterdam, specializing in interactive art installations. Four years later he graduated with honors and founded his Buro so he could autonomously work on multi-media projects.

Jonas Vorwerk creates new media projects that invite the user to participate, to partake, to experience and to share. Create a multi-user music piece with the Lightbox Sequencer, for example, or experience what it is like to be censured on the internet by visiting greatfirewallofchina.org



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