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Joshua Kit Clayton

Joshua Kit Clayton (US) is a dj and producer of electronic music.

San Francisco's Joshua Kit Clayton is a producer and DJ of electronic music which drifts from minimal and moody techno-house to abstract sound sculpture. Clayton studied at Connecticut's Wesleyan College, learning in the electronic music lab, where he composed interactive pieces. He now works out of his basement studio in San Francisco, not only on music, but on audio software that helps create systems to generate music with varying randomization -- his "day job". He works as a programmer for Cycling '74 where he is responsible for developing programs such as Max/MSP and MIDI. He has been releasing music since 1996 on various labels including Seventh City, Mille Plateaux, Parallel, Plug Research, Delay, and Organised Noise. Clayton runs several of his own labels, including Cytrax Records and Orthlorng Musorks. These releases have met with excellent reviews in magazines such as XLR8R, Urb, Muzik, Wax, Mixmag, and The Wire. With his partners DJ Jasper and Tang, Clayton currently operates Cytrax Records, a minimal techno label with a worldwide reputation for residing on the cutting edge. He has also started a project, The Mimic and the Model, a series in which he pairs electronic music with visual art. Repetition And Nonsense, his first project for Drop Beat, uses dubby atmospheres and layers of sonic disruptions that place it firmly in league with the outputs of labels like Chain Reaction and i220. Clayton's approach to beats manages to ably straddle the worlds of techno and experimental, giving him a unique position in the current electronic music scene. Recent work focuses on Jitter, a multidimensional set for programming, editing and visualizing audio, video and 3D applications.


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